Tuesday, 8 May 2012

how do you take a screenshot on a pc

For whatever reason many pc/computer users don't even know some of the most basic, shortcuts to use to make your whole computing journey so much easier.

One that always gets me is that, many users will still highlight something and right click the mouse to copy n paste, rather than highlighting something and clicking "Ctrl + C" will copy & "Ctrl + V" will paste.

Anyways rant over. But there are still a lot of computer users that believe you need software to take a screen shot. When it's as easy as clicking the print button or on my keyboard its says Prt screen. Like in the image below.
Then from this you just have to open up your paint tool of choice, the generic paint program that comes with windows will do!

Then click "Ctrl + v" to paste, (or click the edit tab and then paste) whichever you find easier, lol.

 Then save the file as a jpg, gif, it doesnt really matter though jpg's are generally smaller file sizes than gif's.

Hey presto, your screenshot!

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